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Before your schedule appointment for your SMP treatment, please moisturize your scalp a fortnight prior.
Attend to any cuts and abrasions, these must be healed prior to your treatment.
Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment as this will allow time to shave your hair.
Eat a meal prior to your first session as the treatment can be up to 6 hours. We will have for you coffee, tea and water available.
We look forward to helping you achieve your desired appearance and look forward to you, rocking the SMP look!

After Care

Apply Micro Tonic immediately following your treatment, then use Scalp Pro wash and Salve. Continue use to prolong your SMP. Can be purchased in store or online.
Do not apply antibiotic creams or RetinA for at least 14 days after treatment.
Try not to rub the area. If itching occurs, gently tap your scalp.
Do not carry out any activities that may cause excessive sweating such as sauna or steam room.
Swimming in saltwater is okay after 24 hours, no swimming in chlorinated pools for at least a week.
Do not expose your scalp to sunlight, wear a hat for 2 weeks after treatment, then after use a 50 plus sunscreen always when in the sun.
Moisturizing your scalp daily once your treatment has settled, as it is a good way to keep your scalp in good condition and helps to prolong the treatment.
For the first 3 days do not shower your scalp.
Avoid growing hair too long, so you will rock the SMP look. Short is in fashion.

Signs and symptoms of infection

Swelling; A slight amount of swelling is normal. If the swelling becomes excessive, uncomfortable and pain is radiating beyond the tattoo site, then this could be a sign of infection.
Fever; This is a symptom of an underlying issue, which might be an infection.
If any of the above, please seek a medical professional.
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